Michael&Megan 10.18.15

So the groom called me and said, 'I really want you to be apart of my day, would you consider shooting Megan and I on our wedding day?'  This man is my cousin and that special kind of guy who has one of those tender hearts that just wants to take care of the people he loves and nothing was more apparent on this day as he took care of his Megan.  We had fun taking pictures at the site of their first date clear through to the end of the night when they drove away in the Cutless.  Thanks again you two for letting me be apart of this beautiful day, may the joy of the one who brought you together continue to be the foundation upon which you stand together as you move forward as a couple.  Loves to you both, heather.

So their first date was at this little ice cream joint in Megan's home town, it only seemed appropriate to go back for their couples shots there as well.


He sang the entire song to her on their first dance, I may have been crying behind the camera...

And away they went in the cutless.