The faces of the Big Sky

Life is full of transitions and changes, seasons.  This ebb and flow of things always being in change.  For me I find the sky of Montana a very grounding thing.  No matter what her color or time of day, there is something about that Big Sky that settles the pieces of your soul that may feel a bit like they have no home.  

I was able to shoot pictures for some of my favourite people while visiting this month and even got in some late night/ early morning milky way shooting.  Which sorry Jackie and Melissa was probably the highlight of my trip, even if it was 45 degrees by time we were done.  

All that to say, take some time today to settle yourself, breath deep, listen to the rain fall, or the birds sing or the wind blow and remember you are not in this alone.



under grey rainy skies

next to the field he planted

with green hope and trust of something new

in soil that has been turned for a century

by the farm where she took her first steps

Brett and Jackie (3 of 49).png
Brett and Jackie (33 of 49).png


under blue skies, kissed with fire

from a fading setting sun

in hills he used to share with friends now gone

but now walks with his forever love.

Brandon and Melissa (5 of 38).jpg
Brandon and Melissa (17 of 38).png


under a night sky

twinkling and shimmering and gliding in a celestial dance

always there but never seen

until you are free 

of synthetic comfort and accept an ethereal realm

June Milk Way Gas (4 of 14).jpg
June Milk Way Gas (9 of 14).jpg